Germantown Fair

Monday August 2, 2021

Demolition Derby

Tech begins at 5:00p.m.         Derby begins at 7:30p.m.

Inspection ends at 7:00p.m.

For Rules:


Big Car                  $800 – $300 – $100 – $50

Small Car               $800 – $300 – $100 – $50

Mini Van & Truck $500 – $200 – $100 – $50

Kids Power Wheels – Free Entry Fee

Car Entry Fee $40.00

For more information contact: 

Jackie Burden 859-227-1002 or Kenny McVey 859-398-9407


General Rules


  1. All drivers must attend drivers’ meeting. Failure to attend will result in disqualification in the derby.  Driver’s Only!!
  2. Each driver must sign a waiver, relieving the Germantown Fair Company from any claims or damages associated with the derby in which you are participating.
  3. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian to sign the waiver before participating in the derby.
  4. Germantown Fair Company will not be held responsible for any cars, parts, or personal property before, during, or after the event.
  5. Any car not removed from the grounds by 9:00a.m., the next morning will be the property of Germantown Fair Company.
  6. The cars of all heat winners and feature winners are subject to re-inspection. All heat winners will be held till after the last heat of cars has run.
  7. Drivers may move forward and backward. Contact must be made with an “active car”.  No love taps!  The final three drivers must swap licks.  Two cars may not pick on one.
  8. Grounds for disqualification include:
  • Drivers whose engines die or any car that doesn’t move in a 1 minute time span.
  • Playing possum.
  • Car catching fire (within reason).
  • Any car with two wheels out of ring.                 (Officials’ decisions are final!!!)
  • Refusing to obey an official.
  • Having alcoholic beverages.
  • Cursing officials or fair board members.
  1. There will be no refunds given for any reason and all cars must be inspection ready.
  2. No four-wheel drive vehicles of any type will be permitted to run.
  3. Only drivers and track officials are allowed on the track.
  4. Must be paid before inspection. You will have one chance to fix any issues. If you can’t fix these problems to the liking of the official, you will not run or get your money back!



(Small Car and Big Car Rules on Reverse Side!)
Stock Small Car Rules

  1. Vehicle Type: ANY YEAR Mid-size sedans, station wagons, and sub-compact sedans, 109” and down front wheel drive 106” & down rear wheel drive. No 4-wheel drive.
  2. Car Preparation: All glass (windshield, head lights, tall lights, and side glass) along with plastic grills, headliners and chrome must be removed before entering grounds. Removal of dash is optional.  This means NO gutting cars at the grounds!
  3. Frames: No welding on frame. No reinforcements.  No trailer hitches, skid plates, or towing packages are allowed.
  4. Motor: Motor must be in stock location. Headers must point up or down.  Four or Six Cylinders only!.  Can run oil cooler
  5. Bumpers: Bumpers must be in stock location. Bumpers may be chained, wired, or welded to vehicle, but must have stock brackets and bolts.  No truck bumpers or reinforced bumpers are allowed.  Do not fix bumpers to where they are battering rams.  Must be stock bumper.
  6. Body: Body bushings must be stock and have stock bolts. No welding seams on the body unless noted in rules.
  7. Doors: Doors wired shut or WELDED. DOORS CANNOT BE WELDED ABOVE WINDOW AND CAN ONLY BE 3” WELDED THEN 3” NOT WELDED.  No reinforcements on outside of doors.  May have one bar in door.  No braces can touch frame.  Doors can have no more than 2 spots wired with two strains of wire per hole and must be below window.  Cannot use washers to reinforce holes.
  8. Hood and Trunk Lids: Hood and trunk lids must be secured by wire. Six spots with two strains per hole must be sheet metal to sheet metal cannot use washers to reinforce holes CAN RUN TWO PIECES OF ¾ ALL THREAD THOUGH THE CORE SUPPORT HOLES THIS WILL COUNT AS TWO SPOTS OF THE SIX ALLOWED.  Hood and trunk must be opened at the time of inspection.  Car must have hood unless fan is removed.  HOOD AND TRUNK CANNOT BE WELDED CAN REMOVED THE BACK FOUR BODY BOLTS AND REPLACE WITH TREADED ROD MUST STAY INSIDE FRAME
  9. Tires: Tires can’t be larger than 7.50 tires. Tires must be D.O.T. approved.  No industrial, motorcycle, tow motor, sand, tractor, or skid tires.  Automobile type only and all wheel weights must be removed.  Wheels must have all lug nuts.
  10. Batteries: All batteries must be solid mounted and properly located in front. Must be covered.
  11. Brakes: All cars must have brakes at beginning of competition.
  12. Transmission: Floor shifters are allowed. Transmission cooler are allowed.
  13. Suspension: No reinforcements to the a-arms, tie-rods, rear ends. Must bounce!!! No higher than 22” or Lower than 16” front bottom of bumper to ground.  Can use spring helpers to get height but must bounce.  Can weld or wire coil springs in place.  Must have stock suspension components.  No chains are allowed from rear-end to frame.  No adding clamps to leaf spring rear ends or changing coil to leaf spring.
  14. Fuel: No more than 5 gallons of gas in tank. Fuel cells must be properly secured and covered in back seat area. Electrical fuel pump must be wired into vehicle ignition switch.  Fuel lines must be connected to tanks by fitting and hose clamps.
  15. Reinforcements: No reinforcements in front or above radiator. Reinforcements and bars are allowed in dash and back seat, but no larger than 4 inch bar or pipe allowed. Plate at the end of bars may be no larger than 6 inches.  One 4 inch bar or pipe is allowed on driver’s door and passenger door from front to rear cross bar.  No braces can touch frame.  One bar from cowl to roof is mandatory.  Rollover bar must be straight.
  16. Radiator: No extra radiator or water supply to radiator. No reinforcing radiator.  Can be held in by ratchet strap or bungee cord.


Stock Big Car Rules

  1. Vehicle Type: ANY YEAR stock hardtop sedan, coupe, or station wagon automobile. No Limos, Chrysler Imperials, Ambulances, Convertibles, Hearses, Checked Cabs, T-top vehicles, tucked wagons, or rancheros/elcaminos.
  2. Car Preparation: All glass (windshield, head lights, tail lights, and side glass) along with plastic grills, headliners and chrome must be removed before entering grounds.  Removal of dash is optional.  This means NO gutting cars at the grounds!
  3. Frames: No welding or fabricating on frame in any way.  Can notch frame in back.  “ FRAME MUST BE STOCK” PRE-RUN CARS- Can cut one tab and pull front down and reweld  NO PINNING OF FRAME IN ANY WAY
  4. Motor: Motor must be in stock location. Any model motor allowed.  Headers must point up or down.  Can weld them in but excessive will be made to cut.  Can run one piece of chain per side from mount straight down to engine cross member if motor is not welded.  Can run oil cooler.  No engine cradle.
  5. Bumpers: Must be a factory OEM automobile bumper.  Can seam weld bumpers but no loading of bumpers.  Can weld bumper to bracket and bumper shock.  Must use factory bumper shocks.  Can push bumper in and weld shocks to frame.  NO SIDE WELDING OF BUMPER THROUGH FRAME, ONLY FRAME WELDING ALLOWED IS BUMPER TO FRAME!!!
  7. Doors: All doors must be fastened by wire below the window and only 2 spots per door and only 2 strains per hole. CAN WELD DOORS BUT NO MORE THAN 6” WELDED AND 6” NOT WELDED AND NO MORE THAN 3” WIDE.  
  8. Hood and Trunk Lids: Must have hood unless you have an electric fan. Must have 14” hole over carb.  No folding, bolting or welding of hood or trunk.  Hood and trunk must be open at inspection.  Trunk must be stock location or taken off.  Hood and trunk can be held down in 6 places with wire 2 strands per hole  OR 1” ALL THREAD IN THE FRONT CORE SUPPORT HOLES BUT THIS WILL BE TWO OF THE 6 GIVEN.  No creasing or tucking of trunk lids!!!  Can be tucked after inspection in the staging lanes.  Any car that is pre-run has to have hole in the truck 14” wide for inspection.
  9. Tires: ROUND & BLACK Any tire you want to use.
  10. Batteries: All batteries must be solid mounted and properly covered. This is for safety purposes.
  11. Brakes: All cars must have brakes before beginning the competition.
  12. Transmission: Must be in stock location. Any model transmission allowed. Floor shifters are allowed.  CAN RUN SLIP SHAFTS.  Can run transmission cooler but must be of a reasonable size.  No homemade transmission cross members and the cross member must be in stock location.
  13. Suspension: CAN RUN AFTERMARKET STEERING COLUMNS BUT ALL OTHER COMPONTENTS MUST BE STOCK!!! No higher than 22” and no lower than 16” from bottom of bumper to the ground.
  14. Fuel: Fuel tank must be in the rear floor location properly secured and covered. Under no circumstances will fuel tanks be allowed in the driver’s front. All stock fuel tanks must be wired into vehicle ignition switch so pump will shut off when engine is shut off.  Fuel lines must be connected to tank by fittings and hose clamps.  Fuel tank must be covered.  Must be pump gas no alcohol!!  CAN RUN GAS TANK PROTECTOR BUT MUST BE NO MORE THAN 3’ WIDE OUTSIDE TO OUTSIDE AND CAN NOT BE WELDED OR BOLTED TO SHEET METAL BUT CAN TOUCH SHEET METAL
  15. Reinforcement: Four point cage, no larger than 4” pipe or 4×4 tubing with no larger than 6” plate on ends. Cage must be inside of car nothing in doors. Front bar must be 6” off firewall and transmission hump.  Rear bar can’t be more than 12” behind seat.  No part of cage can touch floor or frame!!  Cars can have roll-over bar, and it must be straight up and down and can’t be welded, bolted or wired to roof.  Any other modifications will get YOU DQ’d.  No rear window barCAN RUN A SINGLE FRONT WINDOW BAR FROM TOP OF FIREWALL TO ROOF
  16. Rear Ends: Any 5 lug rear end. Can be trusted but has to be to the contour of rear end and cannot touch frame before or after derby. Can run gear.
  17. Radiator: No extra radiator or water supply to radiator. No reinforcing of core support “MUST BE STOCK”