2019 Winners


Little Miss and Mister

Avery Henson and Hudson Owen, Alexandria, KY

Left to Right:  Winners – Avery Henson and Hudson Owen, Alexandria, KY

1st Runner Up – Josie Hopper, Maysville, KY and Tanner Story, Flemingsburg, KY

2nd Runner Up – Ava Everman and Isaac Stipp, Richmond, KY

People’s Choice – Kinleigh Towner, Germantown, KY and Weston Hall, Maysville, KY

Miss Pre-Teen

Tenisha Castle, Cancel City

Left to Right:  Winner – Tenisha Castle, Cancel City

1st Runner Up – Brile Messmer, Butler, KY

2nd Runner – Eva Gibbs, Maysville, KY

Miss Congeniality – Tenisha Castle, Cancel City

People’s Choice – Addison Cowan, May’s Lick, KY

Miss Teen 

Bailee Beauman, Paris, KY

Left to Right:  Winner – Bailee Beauman, Paris, KY

1st Runner UP – Kennedy Riley, Dry Ridge, KY

2nd Runner Up – Grace Cropper, Flemingsburg, KY

Miss Congeniality – Bailee Beauman, Paris, KY

People’s Choice – Sarah Kirk, Brooksville, KY

Miss Germantown

Sydney Turner, Berea, KY

Left to Right:  Winner-Sydney Turner, Berea, KY

1st Runner Up-Aletha Thomas, Mt. Olivet, KY

2nd Runner Up-Brittany Gifford, Maysville, KY

Miss Congeniality-Annie Cross, Albany, KY

People’s Choice-Brittany Gifford, Maysville, KY

Baby Miss 

Left to Right: 1st Place – Charlee Woodruff, Bracken County

2nd Place – Raelynn Bach, Bracken County

3rd Place – Rosie Taulbee, Kenton County

Baby Mister 

Left to Right:  1st Place – Kristen Kimball, Brown County

2nd Place – Ezekiel Lee, Bracken County

3rd Place – Carter Thomas, Mason County

Tiny Miss 

Left to Right: 1st Place – Gabby Darnell, Mason County

2nd Place – Baylee Detillion, Lewis County

3rd Place – Somayah Boyd, Mason County

Tiny Mister

Left to Right:  1st Place – Andrew Applegate, Mason County

2nd Place – Eliyah Lee, Bracken County

3rd Place – Christopher Insko, Bracken County

Baby Show 

Girls 0-6 mos.  

Left to Right: 1st Place – Kendaylnn French, Maysville, KY

2nd Place – Jaylynn Ruark, Maysville, KY

3rd Place – Adaylnn Cracraft, Brooksville, KY

Boys 0-6 Mos.

Left to Right: 1st Place – Abel Pierson, Germantown, KY

2nd Place – Bentley Waller, May’s Lick, KY

3rd Place – Malik Morton II, Maysville, KY

Girls 7-12 mos

Left to Right: 1st Place – Jovi Thoroughman, Tollesboro, KY

2nd Place – Meilani Thomas, Maysville, KY

3rd Place – Keglynn Wheeler, Flemingsburg, KY

Boys 7-12 Mos.

Left to Right:  1st Place – Carter Bradford, Tollesboro, KY

2nd Place – Karson Bertram, Brooksville, KY

3rd Place – Elijah Williamson, Maysville, KY

Girls 13-18 Mos

Left to Right:  1st Place – Brynlee Jackson, Ewing, KY

2nd Place – Addilyn Hinson, Brooksville, KY

3rd Place – Caroline Flack, Maysville, KY

4th Place – Westlyn Haight, Brooksville, KY

Boys 13-18 Mos.

Left to Right:  1st Place – Spencer Watson, Maysville, KY

2nd Place – Tytus Hesler, Maysville, KY

3rd Place – Isaac Dailey, Hillsboro, KY

4th Place – Logan Pollitt, Brooksville, KY