Floral Hall


Co-Chairs: LuAnn Asbury (606)564-0478

Donna Welte (606)782-0052 


Tuesday, August 2rd, 2022

Accepting entries from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Closed from 3:00 P.M. until approximately 7:00 P.M. when it will re-open.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

Open 5:00 p.m. till 10:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Open 5:00 p.m. till 10:30 p.m.

Friday, August 5th, 2022 

Open 5:00 p.m. till 10:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

Pick up items from 9:00 a.m. till Noon.

Cake Auction

                Best of Show & Blue Ribbon Cake Auction     

Tuesday Evening, August 2nd, 2022

Cooke Pavilion at 8:00 p.m.

Angel Food, Jam, Chocolate, White, Carrot, Yellow, German Chocolate, Decorated, Red Velvet, Hummingbird, and Exhibitor’s Choice Cakes will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  All proceeds go to the exhibitor.  There will be other culinary items for sale in the Floral Exhibit Hall beginning Tuesday, August 2nd at 9:00 P.M.


Open Class


Co-Chairs:  LuAnn Asbury (606)564-0478; Donna Welte (606)782-0052


Co-Chairs:  LuAnn Asbury (606)564-0478; Donna Welte (606)782-0052


     This will be the 168th year for the Old Reliable Germantown Fair.  We welcome you and your exhibits to the exhibit hall.  We will be accepting entries Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.  Pre-entries will be accepted by calling Donna Welte at 782-0052.  You may participate if you live in any Kentucky county.  Please check the website or pamphlets at the Mason, Bracken, or Robertson Extension Office to make sure there is a class for the items you will be bringingNo new classes will be added.

     There are no specific entry fees; however, we are asking that you bring an item for the Blessing Boxes, food pantries, or the Back-Pack Programs at the schools.  Personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, or deodorant will work for the Blessing Boxes.  Non-perishable food items which have not reached their expiration date are needed for the Back-Pack Programs and food pantries.  These can range from cereal bars, raisins, and potted meats to beef jerky; anything which is canned, boxed, or bagged and requires little to no preparation.

     You may enter only one item per class.  All items exhibited must be made or grown by the exhibitor, except in the antique category.  Garden and other soil-grown items will be judged on uniformity and quality rather than size, unless specified otherwise, such as largest in some classes.

     Exhibitors must leave the Exhibit Hall during judging; judges will not have access to the name of the owner of the exhibits.  All exhibits will receive the best care. Exhibits are secured behind locked areas.  However, the fair company is not responsible for theft, fire, or breakage of items.

     Each entry will be given a ticket with your exhibitor number, not your name.  Bring your entry tickets to claim items you pick up on Saturday.  Premium monies will be available at the time of pick-up on Saturday, August 6th, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. until Noon.  The fair board will not be responsible for any exhibits left after that time.



Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Accepting entries from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Closed from 3:00 P.M. until approximately 7:00 P.M. when it will re-open.


Wednesday, August 3rd, Thursday, August 4th, and Friday, August 5th, 2022

Open 5:00 p.m. till 10:30 p.m.


Saturday, August 6th, 2022

Pick up items from 9:00 a.m. till Noon.


Cakes in Classes C1 – 11 will be auctioned on Tuesday evening, August 2nd at 8:00 p.m. at the Cooke Pavilion.  All proceeds will go to the exhibitor.


BEST Of SHOW will be awarded in Arts & Crafts, Culinary, Canning, Flowers & Plants, Handiwork, Antiques, and Farm & Garden Produce.







PREMIUMS:  1st-$4.00, 2nd – $3.00, 3rd – $2.00

ART 1             Watercolor

ART 2             Acrylic Painting

ART 3             Pastels

ART 4             Charcoal

ART 5             Oil Paintings

ART 6             Pens/Pencil

ART 7             Folk Art

ART 8             Mixed Media

ART 9             Cartooning

ART 10           Chalk Art

ART 11           Computer Art

ART 12           Paint by Numbers

ART 13           Stenciled Painting


PREMIUMS:    1st-$4.00, 2nd – $3.00, 3rd – $2.00

One photo per class. Photos must be framed or mounted on cardboard.  No photos over

8 x 10.  The photo must have been taken within the last 12 months.


APH    1          Historical/Cultural

APH    2          Still Life

APH    3          Portrait

APH    4          Animal

APH    5          Holiday

APH    6          Landscape


APH    7          Historical/Cultural

APH    8          Still Life

APH    9          Portrait

APH   10         Animal

APH   11         Holiday

APH   12         Landscape



Premiums: 1st-$4.00, 2nd -$3.00 and 3rd – $2.00

CRA    1          Hair Bows/Bands

CRA    2          Beaded Jewelry

CRA    3          Burlap Craft

CRA    4          Latch Hook Item

CRA    5          Macrame’ Item (wall hanging, purse, hanging planter)

CRA    6          Loom Weaving Item (wall hanging, rug, potholder)

CRA    7          Reed/Natural Fiber Basket

CRA    8          Mixed Media Item

CRA    9          Decoupage’

CRA    10        Ceramics

CRA    11        Mason Jar Craft

CRA    12        Glass Etching

CRA    13        Molded Item

CRA    14        Stained Glass Item

CRA    15        Sculpture

CRA    16        Stenciling

CRA    17        Card Making

CRA    18        Scrapbooking (2-page layout)

CRA    19        Glass Block Decoration

CRA    20        Caned Item (stool, small item)

CRA    21        Upcycling

CRA    22        Painted Wall/Door Hanging

CRA    23        Rubber Band Craft

CRA    24        Christmas Wreath/Swag

CRA    25        Seasonal/Occasion Wreath

CRA    26        Christmas Tree Skirt

CRA    27        Christmas Stocking

CRA    28        Christmas Tree Decoration

CRA    29        Wood Carving

CRA    30        Wood Etching

CRA    31        Wood Toy

CRA    32        Wood Household Item (bowl, rolling pin, etc.)

CRA    33        Wood Barrell Top

CRA    34        Tobacco Stick Craft

CRA    35        Yard Art

CRA    36        Leather Craft



PREMIUM:  1st-$4.00, 2nd – $3.00 and 3rd – $2.00

DOLL 1          Bride Doll (Homemade Clothes, Long Dress)

DOLL 2          Stuffed Doll, China Head, Homemade Clothes

DOLL 3          Stuffed Doll, Bisque Head, Homemade Clothes

DOLL 4          Barbie Doll, Homemade Clothes

DOLL  5         Character Doll

DOLL 6         Baby Doll, Homemade Clothes

DOLL  7         Raggedy Ann

DOLL 8         Raggedy Andy

DOLL 9         Indian Doll

DOLL 10        Homemade Doll Clothes

DOLL 11        Homemade Doll Furniture

DOLL 12        Stuffed Doll – Homemade clothes

DOLL 13        Stuffed Animal – Homemade

DOLL 14        Sock Doll/Animal

DOLL 15        Stick Horse




      Cakes must be supported by heavy cardboard that is at least ½ inch wider than the cake base and is wrapped in clear plastic wrap.  Best of Show & Blue Ribbon Winners in classes C 1-11 of the cake division will be auctioned on Tuesday evening, August 2nd at 8:15 P.M. during the Little Teen Pageant in the Cooke pavilion.  Exhibitors wishing to sell other culinary items may ask the clerk in charge to post the asking price for that item.  There will be culinary items available for purchase on Wednesday evening, August 3rd at 5:30 P.M.  Exhibitors receive all monies from the sale of items.


Premium:  1st-$10.00, 2nd-$8.00 and 3rd-$6.00

C         1          Angel Food (Not Iced)

C         2          Jam (Carmel Icing)

C         3          Chocolate (Chocolate Frosting)

C         4          White (Coconut Icing)

C         5          Carrot (Cream Cheese Icing)

C         6          Red Velvet

C         7          German Chocolate

C         8          Hummingbird

C         9          Yellow (Choice of Icing)

C         10        Decorated

C         11        Any Other Layer Cake with Icing


PREMIUMS:    1st-$6.00, 2nd-$4.00 and 3rd $2.00

C         12        Bundt

C         13        Oatmeal

C         14        Pineapple Upside Down

C         15        Pound (No Icing)

C         16        Cupcakes (3 Iced)


PREMIUM: 1st-$6.00 2nd– $4.00 and 3rd– $2.00

C         17        White Yeast Loaf

C         18        Yeast Dinner Rolls

C         19        Sweet Rolls

C         20        Coffee Cake

C         21        Biscuits (3)

C         22        Fruit Muffins (3)

C         23        Corn Muffins/Sticks (3)

C         24        Loaf of Banana Bread

C         25        Loaf of Zucchini Bread

C         26        Any Other Bread


PREMIUM 1st– $6.00, 2nd– $4.00 and 3rd-$2.00

C         27        Brownies

C         28        Chocolate Chip

C         29        Peanut Butter

C         30        Sugar Plain

C         31        Oatmeal

C         32        Bar

C         33        Any Other Cookie


PREMIUM 1st-$6.00, 2nd-$4.00 and 3rd-$2.00

C         34        Chocolate Fudge

C         35        Peanut Butter Fudge

C         36        Peanut Brittle

C         37        Any Other Candy


PREMIUM 1st– $8.00, 2nd– $6.00 and 3rd-$4.00

C         38        Transparent

C         39        Pecan

C         40        Fruit

C         41        Cream

C         42        Specialty


PREMIUM: 1st-$3.00, 2nd-$2.00 and 3rd-$1.00

Pints and Quarts Only


CAN   1          Tomatoes (whole)

CAN    2          Tomato Juice

CAN   3          Tomatoes (diced)

CAN   4          Carrots

CAN   5          Beets

CAN   6          Soup Mixture

CAN   7          Corn (Off Cob)

CAN   8           Green Beans

CAN   9           Sauerkraut

CAN  10          Potatoes (white or sweet)

CAN  11          Banana Peppers

CAN  12          Jalapeño Peppers


CAN   13        Apples

CAN   14        Applesauce

CAN   15        Blackberries

CAN   16        Peaches

CAN   17        Raspberries

CAN    18        Pears

CAN   19        Cherries


CAN   20        Apple

CAN   21        Grape

CAN   22        Blackberry

CAN   23        Raspberry

CAN   24        Blueberry


CAN   25        Blackberry

CAN   26        Peach

CAN    27        Cherry

CAN   28        Strawberry


CAN   29        Blackberry

CAN   30        Peach

CAN   31        Strawberry

CAN   32        Apple Butter


CAN   33        Sweet Pickles

CAN   34        Dill Pickles

CAN   35        Bread and Butter

CAN   36        Lime Pickles

CAN   37        Beet Pickles

CAN    38        Pickle Relish

CAN   39        Watermelon Pickles

CAN   40        Any Other Pickled Vegetable


CAN   41        Pepper Relish

CAN    42        Corn Relish

CAN   43        Tomato Relish

CAN   44        Spaghetti Sauce

CAN   45        Salsa

CAN   46        Extracted Honey

CAN   47        Honey in Comb

CAN   48        Pie Filling




  1. Flowers must be homegrown; no commercial flowers are allowed.
  2. No wildflowers are permitted unless specified.
  3. Cut flowers must be displayed in a plain, clear glass container furnished by the exhibitor.
  4. All potted plants must be grown by the exhibitor.
  5. Exhibitors are permitted only one entry in each class.
  6. Entries must be in the correct class.
  7. Judges shall withhold premiums when entries are deemed unworthy of awards.
  8. The staging committee will exercise caution but cannot be responsible for injury or loss of plant materials or containers.



  1. All entries in this class must feature flowers and/or foliage unless otherwise stated.
  2. Artistic arrangements must be in some type of preservative, flowers must be of a type that will stay fresh for several days.
  3. Painted live materials are allowed in this class.
  4. Accessories and vases may be used in all artistic design classes.
  5. Exhibitors are permitted only one entry in each artistic class.



PREMIUM:  1st-$6.00, 2nd -$5.00, and 3rd – $4.00

F          1          Ice Age:  Predominantly white

F          2          Santa’s on His Way:  Christmas arrangement using live or artificial.

F          3          The Reapers:  Using fruits and/or vegetables as part of the design.

F          4          By Candlelight:  All yellow flowers and using a candle.

F          5          Naturally:  Wildflowers and foliage in the rustic container.

F          6          This Land Is Our Land:  A patriotic arrangement.

F          7          Companies Coming:  Formal dining table arrangement.

F          8          Fairy Garden:  May include live &/or artificial plants


PREMIUM:  1st-$4.00, 2nd -$3.00 and 3rd-$2.00

F          9         Asters

F          10        Large Marigold

F          11        Miniature Marigold

F          12        Gladiolus

F          13        Large Zinnias

F          14        Miniature Zinnias

F          15        Large Dahlia

F          16        Miniature Dahlia

F          17        White/White Blend Rose

F          18        Light Colored Rose

F          19        Dark Colored Rose

F          20        Miniature Rose Spray

F          21        Snapdragons

F          22        Rose of Sharon

F          23        Salvias

F          24        Verbenas

F          25        Hydrangea

F          26        Magic Lily

F          27        Black-Eyed Susan’s

F          28        Phlox

F          29        Dianthus

F          30        Day Lily

F          31        Cannas

F          32        Sunflower

F          33        Largest Sunflower

F          34        Largest Cockscomb






F          35        Fern

F          36        Impatience

F          37        Spider Plant

F          38        Begonia

F          39        Geranium

F          40        Hibiscus

F          41        African Violet

F          42        Petunia

F          43        Dragon Wings

F          44        Foliage Planter

F          45        Herb Plant/Garden

F          46        Mixed Floral Planter

F          47        Flowering Hanging Basket


HANDIWORK (Must be homemade)

No articles will be judged if they are soiled, unfinished, store-bought, or have been entered in the wrong class.  The judge does not have to give a premium if they think it is unworthy of an award; even if it is the only one in the class.

PREMIUM:  1st-$5.00, 2nd– $3.00 and 3rd-$2.00

H         1          Decorated Clothing

H         2          Tie-Dyed Tee Shirt

H         3          Painted Clothing Item

H         4          Mini Quilt Block

H         5          Chicken Scratch

H         6          Crewel Embroidery

H         7          Candle wicking

H         8          Smocking

H         9          Knitted Item

H         10        Crocheted Item

H         11        Cross Stitched Item

H         12        Counted Cross Stitched Item

H         13        Needlepoint on Cloth

H         14        Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas

H         15        Applique Item


H         16        Apron

H         17        Purse/Wallet

H         18        Placemats/Runner/Tablecloth/Napkins

H         19        Article of Clothing

H         20        Tote/Backpack

H         21        Coasters/Potholders/Oven Mitt

H         22        Accessories (belt/hat/scarf)


H         23        Pieced

H         24        Patchwork

H         25        Embroidered

H         26        Tied or Knotted

H         27        Child’s

H         28        Appliqued


H         29        Pieced

H         30        Patchwork

H         31        Embroidered

H         32        Tied or Knotted

H         33        Cross Stitch Embroidered      

H         34        Appliqued


H         35        Pieced

H         36        Patchwork

H         37        Painted

H         38        Graphic

H         39        Child’s

H         40        Any Combination of Hand & Machine Stitched


ANTIQUES (50 Years or Older)

PREMIUM:  1st-$4.00, 2nd -$3.00 and 3rd-$2.00


O         1          Stoneware Pitcher

O         2          Glass Pitcher

O         3          China Pitcher

O         4          Child’s Plate

O         5          Depression Glass Bowl

O         6          Glass Bowl

O         7          China Bowl  

O         8          Hand Painted Piece

O         9          Art Glass Piece

O         10        Pottery Piece

O         11        Pressed Glass Piece

O         12        Carnival Glass Piece

O         13        Flow Blue Piece

O         14        Cut Glass Piece   


O         15        Glass Butter Churn

O         16        Ink Well

O         17        Candlestick

O         18        Paperweight

O         19        Mustache Cup

O         20        Straight Razor

O         21        Figurine

O         22        Miniature Oil Lamp with handle


O         23        Scales

O         24        Collection Brass Bells

O         25        Brass Household Item

O         26        Copper Household Item

O         27        Silver Household Item

O         28        Pewter Item


O         29        Vintage Child’s Clothing

O         30        Vintage Adult Clothing

O         31        Vintage Accessory

O         32        Vintage Shoes

O         33        Costume Jewelry Piece


O         34        Medicine

O         35        Beer

O         36        Whiskey

O         37        Mineral

O         38        Water

O         39        Milk

O         40        Soft Drink


O         41        Coffee Mill

O         42        Butter Mold

O         43        Wooden Bowl

O         44        Kitchen Tool


O         45        Iron

O         46        Skillet

O         47        Bean Pot

O         48        Corn Muffin/Corn Stick Pan


O         49        Tin Toy

O         50        Wooden Toy

O         51        Mechanical Toy

O         52        Game

O         53        Mechanical Bank

O         54        Still Bank       


O         55        Shop Tool

O         56        Car Tool         

O         57        General Store Item

O         58        Wash Board


O         59        White

O         60        Brown and White

O         61        Blue and Gray



O         62        Blue

O         63        White

O         64        Grey

O         65        Any Other Color


O         66        Leather Horse Equipment

O         67        Metal Horse Equipment

O         68        Buggy Accessory


O         69       Tin Can

O         70       Miniature Tintype Photo

O         71       Organization Award/Pin/Medal

O         72       Thermometer

O         73       Postcard of KY Scene

O         74       Sport’s Item

O         75       Fishing Item

O         76       Medical Item

O         77       Collection Clay Marbles

O          78       Powder Horn     


O         79       Mason County

O          80       Bracken County

O         81       Robertson County

HISTORICAL PIECE (not bottle or advertising)

O         82       Mason County

O         83       Bracken County

O         84       Robertson County


O         85       Setting Tools

O          86       Cutting Tools

O         87       Tins//Boxes/Cans

O          88       Tobacco Basket


O         89        Germantown Fair Catalog

O         90        Germantown Fair Souvenir (Must be dated)

O         91        Germantown Fair Photo

O         92        Bible (Original copyright date page)

O         93        Cookbook (Original copyright date page)

O         94        Kentucky Souvenir (Must be dated)

O         95        Kentucky License Plate







Must be homegrown; four vegetables to a plate unless otherwise indicated.

PREMIUM: 1st-$3.00, 2nd -$2.00, and 3rd-$1. 00


P           1         White Potatoes (Plate)

P           2         Red Potatoes (Plate)

P           3         Sweet Potatoes (Plate)

P           4         1 Zucchini

P           5         1 Crookneck Squash

P           6         1 Spaghetti Squash

P          7         Any Squash Not Listed

P           8         Yellow Corn

P           9         White Corn

P          10        Shelled Corn (1 Quart)

P          11        Plate Roma Tomatoes

P          12        Plate Yellow Tomatoes

P          13        Plate Green Tomatoes

P          14        Plate Pink Tomatoes

P          15        Plate Red Tomatoes

P          16        Plate Cherry Tomatoes (6)

P          17        Plate Grape Tomatoes (6)

P          18        Plate Yellow Onions

P          19        Plate White Onions

P          20        Plate Purple Onions

P          21        Plate Green Peppers

P          22        Plate Red Peppers

P          23        Plate Yellow Peppers

P          24        Plate Hot Peppers

P          25        Plate Bush Beans (6)

P          26        Plate Pole Beans (6)

P          27        1 Cucumber for slicing

P          28        3 Cucumbers for pickles

P          29        1 Head Cabbage

P          30        1 Head Cauliflower

P          31        1 Egg Plant

P          32        dozen White Eggs

P          33        dozen Brown Eggs

P          34        Vegetables in a Basket

P          35        Fruit in a Basket

P          36        Guards/Pumpkins in a Basket

P          37        Potato

P          38        Pumpkin

P          39        Tomato

P          40        Squash

P          41        Watermelon

P          42        Cabbage

P          43        Onion

FRUITS (Grown by exhibitor)

P          44        Plate of Blackberries (6)

P          45        Plate of Peaches (4)

P          46        Plate of Plums (6)

P          47        Plate of Grapes (12)

P          48        Plate of Apples (4)

P          49        1 Cantaloupe

P          50        1 Watermelon

P          51        1 Pumpkin

Hay must be wrapped in plastic before entering the Floral Hall!

P          52        Slice of Clover Hay

P          53        Slice of Grass Hay

P          54        Slice of Alfalfa Hay

P          55        Twist of Tobacco

P          56        Stick of Tobacco

P          57        Soybeans (qt. or gal. jar)

P          58        Wheat (qt. or gal. jar)