August 6-8 (Thursday-Saturday)

  1. This show is an open show for the following counties: Mason, Bracken, Lewis, Robertson and Fleming. To be eligible to show, exhibitor must be 9 years of age on January 1 of current year and have completed 6 approved hours of livestock training by tag in date. Novice exhibitors are to be 5-8 years of age to be eligible to show. Eligibility ceases at the conclusion of the Germantown Fair of the year the member graduates from high school.
  2. All exhibitors must pre-register on the Germantown Fair Facebook page or website (www.germantownfair.com) by August 1.
  3. A combination of any species may be shown, not to exceed 3 animals. Animals will be logged on the state youth livestock forms that require location of the animal and signature of both exhibitor and Guardian, all livestock shown must have KUIP tag to be eligible to show at the Germantown Youth Livestock Show.
  4. Livestock will have to be on fairgrounds at the designated times of shows. Species will have times for weigh card submission. All livestock and trailers must leave at the conclusion of the show. All animals must have proper tags and Health Papers at the time of arrival to fairgrounds
  5. All weights will be declared weights and weight card will have a submission deadline. Sheep and Goats not to exceed 10 pounds of declared weight, swine not to exceed 15 pounds of declared weight, feeder calves not to exceed 25 pounds of declared weight and fat steers not to exceed 50 pounds of declared weight. At the judge’s discretion animals will be weighed back to check declared weights. If there is a question or dispute about said livestock, it must be immediately taken off scales, scales balanced to 0 and re-weighed. The second weight is the official weight. There is to be only 1 weigh back per animal per show. Weight cards are to be submitted to the Secretaries Office located in front of the livestock barn.
  6. The President of the Fair board is to appointment a Judges Committee to make recommendations for the Judge. Final decision is to be made by the Committee Chair.
  7. Shows start at designated times for each species. Check-in time will be from 7:00-8:30 am ET. The shows are to begin at 9:00 am. Please expect delays at check-in, as fair board and volunteers are required to ask multiple screener questions of all adults and exhibitors regarding COVID-19. If the adult or exhibitor is found to have a fever or respond to the screener questions in such a way as to concern the attendant at time of check-in, both exhibitor and the adult must leave fairgrounds.
  8. Everyone on the premises of the Germantown Fairgrounds must bring a facial covering and must wear facial covering when around people who are not immediate family. All Exhibitors, families, and anyone present will follow CDC guidelines published for the show. Anyone not following guidelines will be asked to leave along with the entire exhibiting family.

A.) All Exhibitors, families, and anyone present will follow CDC guidelines published for the show. Anyone not following guidelines will be asked to leave along with the entire exhibiting family.

B.) Exhibitors are required to wear facial covering to show ring, in holding areas.

C.) Other guidelines will be published for the show and will be considered amended to rule # 8.

  1. No stalls will be set up in the barn; all livestock must be shown off trailer. Trailers must park in designated areas. Wash racks will be closed but access to water will be available. Make-up area is to be designated at the time of the show. All livestock will be asked to exit out the side of the barn.
  2. No tack nor animals can be put in stalls or stalling area unless approved by Rules Committee. Exceptions may be made.
  3. All trailers must provide their own generators. They will not be allowed to plug into fairgrounds electric.
  4. All show cleaning/preparations are to be done at home or on trailer. If exhibitors would like to set-up temporary fences, they may do so but know that you will be required to clean up the area at the conclusion on the show.
  5. During the show, there will be a limited number of exhibitors in the show ring. There will only be one adult allowed per showman ringside. If you enter the show barn you are required to maintain social distancing rules. Show barn entry requires that a facial covering be worn. This is to prevent crowding in the show barn. At the conclusion of the class, patrons are requested to leave ringside and return to trailers.

A.) There will be announcements made over the PA system to allow exhibitors time for preparations. Also, classes and show order will be posted.

  1. Classes will be divided by weight and/or breed only, with the decision on class breaks made by the Livestock Show committee. If an exhibitor is selected as Champion or Reserve Champion, the exhibitor will not be eligible for Champion or Reserve in any other species. If an exhibitor as class winner in another species, those class winners will be excused from the champion drive. Homegrown Champion/Reserve Champion ties following Champion drive.
  2. No Supreme Champion will be selected in 2020, there will be no premium auction.
  3. No spectators will be permitted in the show barn.
  4. All Members must be present and show their own livestock during the show. In case of illness or multiple animals in a class, another 4-H or FFA member may show the livestock. You must show your own animal tagged or co-tagged in showmanship.
  5. 2020 Showmanship (not mandatory) will be offered for each species with a winner for each of the following divisions based on age as of January 1: Senior (14 and up), Intermediate (12-13), Junior (9-11) and Novice (5-8). No Novice cattle showmanship.
  6. Any action by participants, guardians or parents not in the best interest of the show will result in disqualification from the show. No beating, no injections of any kind to enhance the appearance of the livestock will be allowed.
  7. Exhibitors must follow the new KY 4-H and FFA ownership and possession rule and have a signed form on file with their agent or advisor.
  8. All animals must be castrated or without testicles prior to KUIP tagging and entry. All beef (steers & heifers) animals must be dehorned prior to the show with no visible horns allowed.
  9. Questions on rules will be referred to the Rules Committee and their decision is final. A protest must be made prior to the show. Protestors must pay a $ 100.00 non-refundable fee.



  1. Steers must be owned and in possession of members by March. 14, 2020
  2. Steers are to be on the fairgrounds Friday, August 7th and weight cards turned in by 8:30 am with showmanship to start at 9:00.
  3. Only Steers are eligible to show.
  4. Steers must weigh 850-1450 lbs. at the time of the Germantown Youth Livestock Show.



  1. Feeder calves can be called steers or heifers. Calves may be any be of any breed without any dairy influence.
  2. Calves must be born January 1- March 31, 2020
  3. Calves must weigh a minimum of 300 lbs. and a maximum of 750 lbs.
  4. The youth feeder calf show will follow the steer show. Steer/heifers will show together by weight.
  5. Calves will be shown on halter.
  6. Feeder calves must be on the Fairgrounds Friday, August 7 Weight cards are due by 8:30 am with the show to begin following steer show.



  1. Hogs must be owned and in possession of members by KDA tag in date (May 16, 2020).
  2. Hogs must be on fairgrounds Thursday, August 6th with weight cards turned in by 8:30 am; showmanship to begin at 9:00.
  3. Hogs must weigh between 200-285 lbs.
  4. Hogs will be shown by breed, there must be 5 head to have a breed show, if 5 head cannot be met, hogs will be shown in All Other Breeds (AOB). Then hogs will be shown by weight.
  5. Hogs must have verification or paperwork of breed.


  1. Lambs must be owned and in possession of member by KDA tag in date (May 16, 2020.)
  2. Lambs must be Scrapie Tagged prior to KUIP tagging.
  3. Lambs must be on Fairgrounds Saturday, August 8th and weight cards turned in by 8:30 am with the Show to begin at 9:00 am.
  4. Lambs will be shown with or without a halter.
  5. Lambs must weigh at least 80 lbs. and have their lamb teeth at the time of the show.
  6. All lambs must be shorn, docked and fitted.
  7. Blankets must be removed for animal health inspection prior to entering scales.


  1. Goats must be owned and in possession of member by KDA tag in date (May 16, 2020.)
  2. Goats must be Scrapie Tagged prior to KUIP tagging.
  3. Horns are optional, but must be tipped. Tipped is defined as the end of the horn squared off to ½ inch diameter or larger.
  4. All goats are required to have a complete unbroken mouth and goat teeth and weigh a minimum of 35 lbs. at the time of the fair. Animals are subject to mouthed to check age.
  5. Goats will be shown by weights. Goats must be on Fairgrounds and weight cards turned in by Saturday, August 8th 2020 at 9:30am.
  6. Market kids must be cleaned and castrated (banded or surgically removed, clamping is not allowed) by tag in date of May 16th and clipped slick above the knee and hock joint.
  7. Exhibitors may enter market wethers or market does. Induced cryptorchids (short scrotum kids) and buck goats may not be shown. Any wether kid showing signs of secondary sexual characteristics may not be shown.
  8. Goats will be shown with a humane type training collar.
  9. Goats can weigh with the blanket on from a health consideration, however blankets must be removed for animal health inspection prior to entering scales.


Germantown Youth Livestock Show Welcomes YOU!

The Germantown Youth Livestock Show committee has finalized plans for the shows.  We will mirror District Livestock Rules for each species from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.   All decisions of the rules committee will be final in case there is a need for interpretation. Livestock exhibitors may show up to 3 animals.  Registration forms will be available on the fair website (www.germantownfair.com) and on the Germantown Fair Facebook page. Registration forms and waivers may be returned at the Germantown District Shows, emailed to luasbury@hotmail.com or mailed to the Germantown Fair Co., P. O. Box 150, Germantown, KY 41044.  If mailing via U.S. Postal Service, the envelop must be post marked by July 25th.

Registration for all species will be from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM with ALL weight cards turned in promptly by 8:30 AM.  All species will declare weights; no animals will be weighed by show staff. The show staff reserves the right to weigh back any animal entered in the show.  Animals over declared weight will be disqualified:  swine – 15 lbs., sheep & goats – 10 lbs., feeders – 75 lbs. & fat steers – 100 lbs.  Weight cards will be available at the double windows at the Secretary’s office behind the show barn. You should sign up for Showmanship at that time as well.  Showmanship is NOT mandatory.  The order for Showmanship will be:  Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Novice.  Seniors will be expected to be ready to enter the show ring beginning at 9:00 AM for Showmanship for all species.  Feeders and fat steers will participate in a combined showmanship.

The Swine Show on Thursday, August 6th will feature weight classes and purebred classes. Purebred swine must have pedigree to show in purebred class.  Class sheets will be posted on the board located on the show barn while showmanship is taking place. At the conclusion of those classes, there will be a Top 5 Overall Swine selection.

The Steer and Feeder Show will be on Friday, August 7th.  Showmanship will be followed by Fat Steers then Feeders. The Top 5 Overall Steers and Top 5 Overall Feeders will be selected.

The Sheep & Goat Show on Saturday, August 8th will follow a bit different format.  Sheep will show first.  Senior Showmanship begins at 9:00 AM; weight classes will be next followed by a Top 5 Overall Sheep selection.  Goat weight cards must be turned in by 9:30 AM.  Goat showmanship will begin at the conclusion of the sheep show followed by weight classes then the Top 5 Overall Goat selection.

There will be a $5.00 admission fee charged for everyone entering the fair ground, but no entry fee will be charged to exhibit livestock.  Awards will be presented to Showmanship winners; awards and premiums to class winners and Top 5 Overall winners.  All exhibitors will receive a premium to show at this year’s event.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Walter Rosser (606) 584-0222, Mark Weiss (606) 584-1648 or Greg Bess (606) 407-7029.  We look forward to your participation in this year’s show.