AUGUST 4, 2020

Youth Rabbit Show: Ages 18 & under—no entry fee           

Check in Begins at 5:00 p.m. in Show Barn

Judging begins at 6:00 p.m. in Show Barn

Premiums: 1st  place  – $8.00                 2nd place  – $4.00                        3rd place   -$2.00

Other Awards: Best of Breed, Best in Show (4 class and 6 class), Reserve and Supreme Champion



  1. All exhibitors must check in at the Exhibitor Registration Table prior to entering the Exhibit Area.
  2. Open to youth that reside in Kentucky.
  3. Check-In begins Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Judging will begin at 6:00 pm in the order of Breed Classes, Best Litter, Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show and other specialty shows.
  4. Exhibitors must be present at time of judging.
  5. Entries may be removed after all classes have been judged.
  6. Health forms are not necessary, but animals showing symptoms of disease or illness will be quarantined and not allowed to show. Any animal with signs of Pasteurella must be removed from the show area immediately.
  7. All rabbits are encouraged to be permanently marked (tattooed) in the left ear. Please enter this information on the Livestock Entry Form.
  8. Each rabbit is entered by breed. If more than 4 rabbits are in Class 4 or more than 6 rabbits in class 6 in each breed, they will then be broken down by their sex and the age of the breed, for Best of Breed.
  9. Limit of two entries, per exhibitor, per breed (1 buck & 1 doe). Each exhibitor may enter one doe and litter in the 4 class and 6 class to be judged for Best Litter.
  10. Animals must be at the Livestock Barn 1 hour before show time. Animals will not be allowed to leave the barn after this point.
  11. The Fair will not be held responsible for loss of any kind.
  12. Show officials reserve the rights to make any changes deemed necessary.


(4) Class

4A. Senior Buck

4B. Senior Doe

4C. Junior Buck

4D. Junior Doe

(6) Class

6A. Senior Buck

6B. Senior Doe

6C. 6-8 Month Buck

6D. 6-8 Month Doe

6E. Junior Buck

6F. Junior Doe

Breeds for (4) Classes:

Angora, Belgian Hare, Britannia Petite, Chinchilla, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, English Spot, Florida White, Harlequin, Havana, Himalayan, Jersey Wooly, Lilac, Lion- head, Lop (American Fuzzy, Holland, Mini), Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Rex, Rex Mini, Rhinelander, Sable, Satin, Silver, Tan, Thrianta, Any Other Recognized Breed.

Breeds for (6) Classes:

American, Angora Giant, Beveren, Californian, Champagne D’ argent, Checkered Giant, Chinchilla Giant, Cinnamon, Crème D’Argent, Flemish Giant, Hotot, Lop (English, French), New Zealanad, Palomino, Satin, Silver Fox, Any Other Recognized Breed

Specialty Class–Costume Class